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The Reunion Was Awesome!

Elmhurst High Class of 1957 50th High School Reunion

The Big Event has come and gone and it was awesome! We had a full weekend of events also. We started with an open house at Bob and Phyllis Spahr Kentís. We had lots of good food, wonderful setting and time to visit with many classmates. We even had a hotel lobby party after the open house with classmates who were staying in hotel plus others. The people at the hotel had an advantage of having breakfast together, etc which was great. The tour of Elmhurst by Mr. Goss was a hit. Elmhurst still may be torn down but there is a big fight to keep it. Then we were on to Orchard Lake Country Club for a very nice, relaxing lunch and time to visit more. A couple adventurous fellows took the bike ride and enjoyed it. You see the changes when you go that way and there have been many changes in 50 years.

The Big Event finally came, complete with Elvis and a 1953 red pickup. Several had their photos taken with him. It could not have been better. The gals in Fort Wayne had planned every detail and everything was beautiful as you entered the banquet room and it just got better from there. We started with an invocation by Shirley Summers Houser-Segal which included remembering those who had died, had wonderful food, excellent displays, and more time to visit. We had a 50 question trivia quiz about Fort Wayne. It created a lot of competition and was great fun. Every classmate received a memory book that is wonderful. Thanks to Gary and Mary Baehler those of you who sent bios should also have received one by now. The photographers were fantastic. The group photo and DVD with music are still available if anyone wants one. Of course, the icing on the cake was Troy Shondell aka Gary Schelton to most of us. He was awesome and we thank him for sharing his time and talent with his classmates.

We still are missing ten people and now know that fifteen have died. The program was dedicated to them and there was nice poster with their photos, etc.

Keep watching the web site for reunion photos. We have the first photos in a slide show that you probably have already seen if you are reading this update.

Thanks to all of you who came and sent things because you really made the whole time a success. The committee (and their spouses) worked hard but nothing would have been a success with all of you. Hope to see you all again soon. Please do send photos for the web and you may also send messages to me that we can put on web.

I am excited, three other people have sent photos now! Thanks again!

Sharon Isenbarger Scribner

Planning Committee: David Smith, Judy Duguid Gillette, Gary Baehler, Judy (Ormiston) Bostwick, Shirley (Summers) Houser, Phyllis (Spahr) Kent, Sharon (Isenbarger) Scribner, Marilyn (Henry) Smith, Pat (Inman) Spahr and Phil Letsinger.